Logitech’s Best Gaming Mouse – The Wireless G700S

I’ve used Logitech’s gaming peripherals for a really long time. In fact, my first ever mouse was an optical Logitech MX-518. About 7 years ago, it was considered one of the best gaming mice simply because its DPI at 1600 was the highest at that point in time. It also came with 2 additional buttons at its side in which you can program any gaming macros that you might have to it. This was one of its best selling features as many other mice really only had the 2 primary left and right buttons and some also had a scroll wheel down the middle. It was a privilege to own such a powerful gaming mouse. The price was a little steep though and despite its heavily lacking features these days if you were to compare it with the more modern versions, it’s still priced at a hefty $120 the last I checked. Indeed, tons of user reviews have praised the awesomeness of this particular mouse and many gamers continue to use it even today.

Logitech MX 518I’ve grown so attached to the MX518 simply because I’ve used it for 6 long years and it hasn’t failed to disappoint me, but as I get further involved in the MMORPGs today, I realized that 2 additional buttons weren’t enough to bind all of the keys and macros that you would certainly need if you’re competitive in any games at all. I raid constantly on World of Warcraft and my guild is a little on the hardcore side. Some of my guildmates have suggested going for the Logitech G700S since I’ve told them about my predicament and my love for Logitech’s products in general. I went over to check out the G700S gaming mouse specifications and whatnot, where they had listed the G700S and the G600 as the best PC mice and they also had a chart on the latest mice there, so I did an hour long comparison between all of the recommended mice and I have to say, the G700 seems fairly decent for its price. Firstly, it is wireless and that’s really what I was looking for. Most of my gaming gear are already wireless and it just makes sense to get a wireless mouse too. The G700 coincidentally features a laser sensor instead of the older optical sensor and that’s a plus. It does weigh slightly towards the higher end though, with a total weight of about 5 ounces (with batteries of course) but it didn’t take me long to get used to it. Despite the fact that it’s wireless, it only costs $100, which is significantly cheaper than my previous Logitech MX-518. Surprising, isn’t it?

Logitech Wireless G700 mouseI suppose that’s probably because it’s getting rather competitive now in the gaming market. I mean, if you compare the mice from say, Razer, the latest Razer Orochi model, which was released in 2013, is also wireless and it has 6400 DPI, a whole 700 higher than the G700 gaming mouse. Plus, it only costs $80 (about $70 after discount) and it’s way lighter than the G700 in terms of its weight. At 2.4 ounces, you could probably imagine its size too. However, that’s perhaps one of its downsides, at least for me. I have a moderate sized hand but even then, the Orochi seems tiny when I grip it in my palm. I just didn’t like the feeling that I’m not in total control of the mouse and my fingers have to be bent at a weird angle to click the buttons effectively. Also, the Razer Orochi only has 4 buttons compared to the Logitech G700’s 10 buttons. That’s a whole lot of difference right there. If you’re into MMOs at all, you’ll know that 4 programmable buttons wouldn’t get you far and with a tiny bit of increase in the cost, you could get more than twice the amount of buttons in your gaming mouse. I’d say that’s a fair trade. I settled for the G700S, which was voted among the best wireless versions in the end simply because it is one of the favorites among gamers these days (at least for wireless mice) and its specifications are really good too. I’ve tested it for about 15 minutes and I absolutely loved its wireless capabilities.

Another gaming mouse that I think is worth mentioning would be the Razer Taipan. I know that it hasn’t been selling too well, based on the number of reviews that it has gotten so far but it’s a really affordable piece of gaming gear that I would recommend to anyone who has a budget of less than $100. Comfort-wise, it’s top notch and it has laser sensors too. Unfortunately, it isn’t wireless so I had to stick to the rather limited options of the Razer Orochi, Logitech G700, Razer Mamba and Razer Ouroboros. The Roccat Kone XTD, Anker high precision laser gaming mouse and the Logitech G9x have been highly recommended by many of the users in a gaming forum (Tom’s Hardware) that I frequently visit as well but there simply weren’t enough reviews of these to effectively convince me that they’re any good. I had a look at this G9x review though and it wasn’t that impressive. Firstly, it’s simply too small in size much like the Orochi and secondly, the design is rather odd and the sides protrude a little too much for my waste. You could swap out the grips (they come in various sizes and shapes) if you like though. I think they came with a precision grip and another that I can’t remember from the top of my head. Anyway, based on my experiences, if a mouse has really great build quality and has excellent lifespan, the reviews on it will be tremendous in terms of its amount and any mouse that has less than a hundred critiques on it isn’t really worth looking into.

I would suggest that you look at what its previous users are saying before you even consider purchasing any gaming mouse at all, particularly if you’re planning to do it over the internet. This is because you wouldn’t get a chance to test it personally, which is important to get a feel that you really like the mouse before you decide to invest in it.