Getting The Right Perfume For Travelling


Going on holiday!

I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to going on holidays. While I absolutely love going on trips, seeing new places and meeting new friends, the thought of having to pack and not always having the most comfortable place to stay usually irks me.

I am a girly girl who loves having her hair made up, make-up perfect and having a full wardrobe to choose my clothes from, and having limited luggage space usually drives me up the wall as I spend day thinking about what to bring and how to bring them. And with budget airlines charging extra to check-in luggage, I will usually try to get away with a hand carry. But that also means bringing my aerosols, e.g hairpsrays, and liquids, e.g perfumes are out of the question. Not even the mini perfume samples, as it will add to my overall liquid limit, not to mention my body wash, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, toner…and the list goes on.

With a hand-carry weight limit of 7kg, this will usually suffice for a trip anywhere from 2-3 days. I usually roll my clothes up to maximise space and minimise wrinkles, but I also spritz a bit of my favourite perfume before rolling them up so I can smell nice when I reach my holiday destination. However, this also means I am limited to one type of perfume for all occasions. Spraying different kinds of perfumes into a bag would just be unthinkable. The mixture of scents could potentially clash. Hence, I usually spray on a day-wear perfume, something that is fresh and effervescent, to match my holiday mood, which are usually beach destinations anyway.

I am usually quite careful about where I spray as perfume contains essential oils which may stain the fabric. I usually spray some on the clothes linings. I also love spraying some perfume on my scarf as its usually close enough to me face to give me a whiff of my favourite scent.

midnight poison

Dior’s Midnight Poison

Personally, the best holiday-perfume for me would be Midnight Poison by Dior, but I’m also very tempted to get the others here on the list of my favorite women’s perfumes . I am definitely a beach girl, and this scent reminds me of the fresh sea breeze. With aqua notes mixed with energising notes of citrus, waterlily and jasmine, this is a wake-me-up scent that gives me a bounce in my step.

I also like going to the duty free section of the airport to sample new perfumes from the top brands, and to see if my favourite perfume is on discount. The great thing about shopping for perfume here is that there are usually small sample bottles of new fragrances which usually run out or are unavailable at the usual departmental stores. It is therefore a great way to sample potential new favourites, and what’s more, you also get to take some home as you don’t want to be smelling like a concoction of uncomplementary scents on board!

So hopefully with my tips above, you’ll be able to travel a happier bunny, especially if you’re the kind of girly girl like me who is into all things nice and pretty.