Foam Or Hybrid Mattresses: Which Is Better For Long Term Use?

The very first thing that you might notice about a particular mattress is the cover that it’s wrapped up in. That, however, shouldn’t be part of your consideration at all since the cover can easily be changed at a moment’s notice. Many mattress companies will make it their topmost priority to present their mattresses in the most attractive designs possible, but in actual fact, these do not have the slightest bit of effect on how the mattress itself feels.

hand stitched mattress cover

A hand stitched mattress cover is a lot higher quality than a factory produced one.

Of course, if a mattress comes packaged with a high quality, hand-stitched cover that feels as soft as pure cotton, then it definitely is a bonus but just don’t spend too much time worrying about it. Make sure that the mattress itself has all the properties and features that you’ll need, such as whether it’s resistant to stain or water marks, whether it’s anti-microbial or anti-allergy. All these are significantly way more important since not all mattresses automatically come with these essential properties.

Thermal regulation of mattresses are also a real problem especially when it comes to certain types like memory foam or latex. Because of the density of the material used in these mattresses, the heat that gets trapped in between the layers of the mattress will be rather significant as well. If you were to go for say an innerspring mattress, this problem is less likely to be present since any heat or perspiration on the fabric can flow downwards through to the bottom of the mattress layers and be dissipated through the sides. Since most memory foam mattresses are very compact with a few layers of foam or memory foam slammed together into a single slab, it will be hard for the heat to go away on its own without any airflow layers in between.

This becomes even more apparent in larger sized mattresses (such as king or queen size) because the heat will take longer to travel to the edges of the bed. You’ll need to be a little more picky if you’re looking at these sizes though. The best king size mattress so far that we’ve tried and tested is coincidentally free of such problems as well.

To remedy this, you might want to look at what’s called a hybrid mattress, which basically combines the best of both worlds (i.e spring and foam layers). With this, you do not have to worry much about having a specially made airflow layer between the uppermost memory foam layer and the bottom foam support layer. The spring layer itself will leave sufficient ventilation for any heat to seep through.

open coil spring in mattresses

A peek into the inner coil springs of a mattress

Of course, you should also learn of the few different types of spring interiors that each mattress might have. Originally, one of the most widely popular types of spring is the open coil spring. In its most conventional package, these springs are laid down in multiple rows, but all of which are connected to each other via a wire. Generally, the more coils the mattress consists of, the most evenly distributed the weight on the mattress can be. These are easily the cheapest type of spring mattresses that will be suitable for those on a budget.

If you’re seriously considering investing a little more on a spring mattress though, you might also want to take a look at a continuous spring mattress, which is basically a higher end version of the open coils. The price will be slightly more expensive too, but if you really want the best, there’s no substitute for this technology.