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Logitech’s Best Gaming Mouse – The Wireless G700S

I’ve used Logitech’s gaming peripherals for a really long time. In fact, my first ever mouse was an optical Logitech MX-518. About 7 years ago, it was considered one of the best gaming mice simply because its DPI at 1600 was the highest at that point in time. It also came with 2 additional buttons at its side in which you can program any gaming macros that you might have to it. This was one of its best selling features as many other mice really only had the 2 primary left and right buttons and some also had a scroll wheel down the middle. It was a privilege to own such a powerful gaming mouse. The price was a little steep though and despite its heavily lacking features these days if you were to compare it with the more modern versions, it’s still priced at a hefty $120 the last I checked. Indeed, tons of user reviews have praised the awesomeness of this particular mouse and many gamers continue to use it even today.

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